Angela Hanshaw

Front-End Developer

Elevate homepage


Platform: Statamic
Date: 2018

I created all Statamic templates and the CSS for this agency website. Highlights include a show-more feature on the main blog page created using JSON and Javascript, performant images using srcset (and, of course, image optimization), and a pre-holiday planning checklist with animations created using Greensock. I also designed and built the blog pages.

Seed Phytonutrients homepage

Seed Phytonutrients

Platform: Craft CMS
Date: 2018

This marketing website was created to promote a new beauty brand prior to its ecommerce site launch. I created all Craft templates as well as the site’s CSS. Highlights include reusable components; a custom, accessible modal created with Javascript; and an animated search form.


Platform: IBM Websphere
Date: 2016

I partnered with three other front-end developers as well as an off-site team of back-end developers to help create this customizable apparel site. The bulk of my work involved writing CSS and adding the related classes to the back-end code, tweaking the code when necessary (for example, to add conditional logic). The project inspired this blog post.

About This Site

I created this site using Vue.js and Vue CLI. The work items are generated from a JSON file to make adding new projects easy.

Most animations use CSS transitions, except for my otter pal, who was created with an SVG and Greensock.

The font family is either Avenir Next Variable, if your browser supports variable fonts, or Open Sans, if it doesn’t.

The site is responsive (of course!), and was built mobile-first. It was tested in IE11 and in the latest desktop versions of Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, and on iPhone and iPad.

About Me

I built my first website more than twenty years ago, and while I’ve also worked in web and print design, writing, and editing since then, HTML and CSS have always been my truest loves. (I’ve become rather fond of Vue.js, too.) I love animation and creating delightful user interfaces with a focus on accessibility and good UX.

I use Sass and BEM for all projects, along with my own slightly modified version of ITCSS for larger projects. I’m handy with Javascript and jQuery as well.

I’m currently the senior interactive developer at Elevate. I was also a mentor for new front-end developers at Designation until they discontinued the dev portion of their curriculum.

When I’m not coding, I’m probably out running. You can find me on the lakefront path every summer as a group leader for the Chicago Area Running Association’s Chicago Marathon training program.

And yes, I really, really like both otters and spectacularly bad puns.

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